One of the great things about playing Stardew Valley is that you can download and create mods to add more functionality to the game that wasn’t part of the release. Modders have added major features, like multiplayer (before it was added to the core game), extra space, tractors, and more. The community has created guides on how to install and create mods, but most of those instructions expect Windows or macOS. In this article, I show you how to set it up for Linux.

Visual Studio is used (mostly for C#) for Stardew Valley modding, and although there are options for Linux, like Rider IDE, the process is different and you have to figure out the process for yourself. As someone who hasn’t touched C# since 2008, I had to spend some a lot of time reacquainting myself with the options available. I use Arch Linux, and here’s the situation as of 2023:

  • Monodevelop is not being developed, and it’s not part of AUR anymore. I tried to build from source but ran into some issues with Git sub-modules.
  • Visual Studio is exclusive to Windows and macOS. Installing it can be done with Wine, but get ready to spend a lot of time on troubleshooting.
  • Rider from Jetbrains can be used but it’s not $0 and it’s not open source. It’s also complex, so anticipate spending time learning it from the ground up.
  • You can potentially use the command-line for everything, but the instructions are tricky to follow and you have to create all files and directories manually.

I ended up installing Rider and getting the temporary license because it seemed the easiest route. It took some time to figure out the steps, and to get familiar with the tool, and then more time to understand what exactly was needed. I took lots of notes, though, so this ought to save you some trouble.

Before you get started, you need to have the following installed:

  • Stardew Valley: You need to own the game, and it must be installed. The Stardew Valley API requires it before you install it.
  • SMAPI: The Mod Loader for Stardew Valley. It works in Windows, Linux, and macOS. Download it and follow the install instructions.
  • Visual Code or Rider: You need an IDE that can you use to work with C# code.


You can follow most of the instructions on the Stardew Valley Mod wiki but here are some issues you may run into, and how to avoid them.

  • If you installed Visual Code, then you need to install the C# extensions that allow you to build the code and keep it in the same directory. You also need to create the directory structure and files manually.
  • Using Rider, the steps were easy because the Rider IDE follows a similar structure as Visual Studio Community or similar programs.
  • Install dotnet core 5 from the Arch Linux AUR repository.

Install SMAPI

Download SMAPI, and then unzip the archive file:

Here’s a small video showing how to install SMAPI:

Install .NET Core 5

Although .NET core 5 is EOL (End of Life), it’s required to be able mod this game because that’s the version that was used when the game was made. The Arch User Repository (AUR) includes .NET Core 5, so you just need to make the package and then install it. But first, install some dotnet packages, then Git-clone the project:

After installing the required packages, you can continue with with the next steps in the Rider IDE.

Getting started with Rider IDE

There are a few steps involved in getting started with Rider. First, create a Solution (that’s a project). In the Solution setup window:

  1. Pick Class Library under .NET/.NET Core, NOT the one under .NET Framework!
  2. Give your mod a name.
  3. Click Put solution and project in the same directory
  4. Change the SDK to 5.0, and then click Create.

Next, delete class.cs and global.json files.

Then go to the Tools menu and select NuGet. Install the Pathoschild.Stardew.ModBuildConfig NuGet package:

Right-click on the project name and add a classInterface and class.

Name the file ModEntry.cs and add this code, also available in my Git repository:

Make sure you change YourProjectName to the name you created in Rider. For example, mine is named ClassLibrary3.

Now right-click your project name again, select Add, and create a JSON file named manifest.json and paste in this code from my Git repository:

Make sure the project name matches the Rider project name, and also the ModEntry.cs file.

You have to change everything inside the angle brackets (<>) and then remove the angle brackets afterwards.

After filling in the details, save the changes and click Build in the top toolbar!

its done!

Stardew modding

I love Stardew Valley. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and ambition. Come to think of it, that’s kind of why I love Arch Linux, too. Try a little modding on Stardew Valley, and be sure to try it on Arch.


  • Adebisi Oyawale

    Hola, name is Adebisi Oyawale. Some Information about me: I love cats I love Gardening From Carolina, Puerto Rico Nerdy things like electronics, video games and anime Being a goof ball

Adebisi Oyawale

Hola, name is Adebisi Oyawale. Some Information about me: I love cats I love Gardening From Carolina, Puerto Rico Nerdy things like electronics, video games and anime Being a goof ball


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