Sysadmin Signal uses a WordPress plugin to manage the editorial workflow. If you’re an author for the site, you need to know how to use it. Luckily, it’s easy once you see it done, so here”s how to get your article through the Sysadmin Signal workflow.

Pitch your article

Join the Sysadmin Signal Discord or send an email with your article idea. Assuming your idea is a good fit for the site, an admin creates you a WordPress author account. Now you’re ready to start the article workflow!

1. Log in to WordPress and enter your post

Use your new credentials to log in to Sysadmin Signal. In the Dashboard, click the New button in the top toolbar.

Enter your blog post in the editing interface that opens. You can type it manually, or copy and paste from LibreOffice, HTML, or Markdown.

2. Assign to editor

After you’ve entered your article, click the ลด button in the top right corner of the editor to open the Workflow panel. In the Workflow panel, select Signalflow as the workflow, and then select Assign to Editor. Click the Submit to Workflow button to send your article for peer review, copy editing, and SEO optimization.

3. Approve your article for publishing

Once the site editors have your article ready, your article appears in your Workflow inbox. Click on it to see pending approvals. You can sign off on the article quickly from the hover menu.

In the dialogue box that appears, set the article to Ready to publish.

You’re done!

Alternately, you can open the article in the editor, review the changes, fix any errors that an editor may have missed or introduced, and then sign off in the Workflow panel on the right.

You’re done!


  • Seth Kenlon

    Seth Kenlon is a UNIX and Linux geek, sysadmin, open source and free culture advocate, music producer, Java and Lua programmer, game designer, and tabletop gamer. He arrived in the computer industry by way of film production.